Do you have a strong sense of Vitality?

I call this your...



...and it is everything to a life well lived.

Vibrant Sustainability...
is what fuels a fulfilling, satisfying, peaceful, and joyous existence. It affects all your relationships, contributions, and every aspect of this human experience.
It's your strength - your essential driving force and it is precious!

this is about your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

"The material is like magic. It's exactly what I need to hear and everything I intuitively know at the same time. It feels like the song of my soul!
Thank you, for giving me the opportunity to reconnect with the essence of me."
 ~ ESC Alumni Sister ~

It's both practical and mystical... a delicious blend of empowering practices to help you master the madness of modern life.

We live in a world that is increasingly
from natural ways of living.

Life has become so consuming, complicated, and often confusing. It's exhausting trying to keep up with the speed in which modern society moves... we have lost touch with the natural ebb and flow... many of us are not honoring our own beautiful rhythms and those of Great Mother Earth.

There is a better way. . .

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

- Albert Einstein

It's time to RECONNECT + REJUVENATE . . . together!


This isn't a journey traveled alone. In many ways it is deeply personal . . .
but the path is much more fruitful when holding the hands of like-minded women.

"Lily offers content to help any woman, soul seeker, sister of mystery, sisters of love
an opportunity to find heart centered connection to the self. Her teachings can help you navigate through the stuck,
the shadow, the muddy places so that we can feel connected to source.
With these teachings, you are given tools to sift through what fuels your growth and helps you go for it!
"Take your sovereign seat, Sister" as Lily would say. Yes, take your sovereign seat! - I remind myself daily.
This content will fuel you through your life long practice to bring love and light into this world. It all starts with you!"
~ ESC Alumni Sister


. . . Join the Tribe of Soul Sisters . . .

Elemental Self-Care is for the soulful woman, the truth-seeker, the wild heart!

She is ready to radically level-up her self-love, and nourish her own garden in a totally wholesome way.

She is curious. She is playful. She wants more magic + meaning.

She is committed to doing the real work.

Deep down she knows she has a unique medicine that the world needs.

She is whole, messy + perfectly imperfect.

You are Her
She is You!

YES! This is for ME.**SUMMERLOVE SALE Happening Now**

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Empowering Yourself... Empowers All!

Now - that’s not selfish in the least. It's elementally and quite simply - essential!

Together we can create a culture where it's the norm to rest... to relax and to plain + simply receive - no strings attached.
holistically heal ourselves, heed our own guidance, and help without harming.
To live abundantly from sharing our gifts with the world...
never depleting our own or the earth's resources while having a deep joy and respect for all that is.
Oh my Goddess - yes please!!!!

The benefits are far reaching - and the source of all this is within you. ♥
When you get a spark of intuition - you actually trust it!
You act on it. You revel in it. That's following inner wisdom.
Knowing yourself blossoms this inner wisdom.
Our outer world is always reflecting to us our own inherent knowing.
Look to nature and she will show you what you need.
Caring for your body. mind and soul enables all this to unfold.
You will unlock a whole world of Love...
and that is what you really are ~ LOVE.

•     •     •
To Know, to Trust, and to Care for YOU is...

your choice,
your responsibility,
your power!


  • IMAGINE what you can cultivate…

    A Peaceful Presence.
    Sustained Radiant Energy.
    Supportive Relationships.
    Glowing Eyes.
    Conscious Culture.
    Fresh + Fabulous AF Food.
    Open-Hearted Communication.
    Mental Ease + Mindfulness.
    Deep Rest and Relaxation.
    A Deep Inner Connection.

Can You See It? Feel It? Taste It?


Feeling the Call?


  • so tired of trying to do alllll the things?
  • ready to release what's not working and explore a simpler way of living?
  • feeling called to s l o w down and become more present in the here + now?
  • done swimming upstream - you want to feel more in f l o w and experience true north alignment?
  • over being pulled in 101 directions - spreading yourself too thin... leading to overwhelm and burnout - again?
  • seeing how unsustainable it is to have endless to-do lists + demands?
  • realizing that time management isn't the golden ticket?
  • willing to turn inwards... and welcome what has been whispering below the surface?
  • ready to feel grounded, connected and in tune with your natural rhythms?
  • being called to embrace your emotional + spiritual nature on a whole new level?
  • curious about the moon, and her womanly wisdom?
  • craving s p a c e … to rest, to breathe, to dream, to Just BE?
  • naturally a giver and a caretaker - but you see that to give you must also make space to fully receive?
  • over having an undertone of dissatisfaction in your life, and know it's time for that to change?
  • so grateful for this life, yet you know there is more meaning + magic to be met?
  • ready to practice cultivating deeper levels of trust, compassion + acceptance within yourself?
  • awakening the Queen, the Goddess, the Wild Woman within you?

fade-leftfade-rightIf you are saying YES, then Elemental Self-Care is for you, Dear Sister!

And to be clear, this is likely not a good fit if you're…
  • looking for a quick fix… so you can just keep on keeping on.
  • someone who struggles to be open-minded in new experiences.
  • not ready to connect with yourself on a deeper level.
  • in search of another time management system so you can do more more more.
  • a person who thinks she thrives on being busy… or at least you keep telling yourself you do.
  • stuck on pretending you're a SuperWoman... (i.e. super-mom, super-boss, super-wife/partner, super-friend etc).

This program is for all my WonderWomen!

I see you. I hear you. I am here for you.

YES! I'm Ready**SUMMERLOVE SALE Happening Now**

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I have a deep devotion to cultivating and protecting vibrant life. I believe we can create a culture where all are cared for. You. Me. We. It starts at the source - the sacred source of you!
I stepped into my self-healing journey in 2010. Since that time I have been peeling back the layers of disconnection and depletion... that I find in myself and that I see are so epidemic in our world. It has evolved into a full spectrum journey including body and mind as well as my emotional and spiritual life. It's all connected, it all matters.
What I now call Soulful Self-Care has become my #1 job. This is the foundation that I live and teach. I've met many roadblocks and still do - but I dive in rather than run away. I aim for the roots and stay the course till truth rings in my whole being. I don't shy away from the dark and shadowy parts - because I know there is gold to be found... food for growth, evolution, and awakening. I believe we are both divinely and humanly whole beings - what a sweet revelation.
For the past 15 years I have been working intimately with women in the fields of health, beauty, skincare, and makeup. All the while drinking in and tasting all that I could on non-toxic natural ways of living. In 2014 I entered the world of holistic health coaching and have been continually refining the ways in which I serve and uplift. I have needed much space for my own journey... and love holding space for others to step into and awaken their own medicine.
It's my mission to empower you with the tools to help you cultivate true vibrant beauty, wellness + wholeness... from the ground up! For you and those you love. You are the healer! You have the answers! You know your body best! I promise. We must look to the root to heal, to build, to nourish. Holistic lifestyle design is my jam and I'm here to share the fruits of my harvest.

My work is influenced + supported by . . .


• Earth Based Medicine
• Yoga + Ayurveda
• Ancient Wisdom + Archetypal Teachings
• Lunar Astrology + Cycles
• Personal Productivity
• Conscious Business Design
• Meditation + Mindfulness
• Authentic Expression
• Green Beauty + Non-toxic Living
• Clean Eating + Detoxification
• Self-Acceptance, Self-Love, Self-Compassion
• Many Wonderful Teachers + Guides


Over 12 weeks, we'll journey through the elements... revealing timely wisdom, support + sweet guidance.

•     •     •

In Elemental Self-care we focus on:

" I feel like the last 6 years of my spiritual life was summarized in 6 weeks. Everything that I know, didn't know, needed to know, and wanted to know about using the universe to connect with myself was in this program!"
~ ESC Alumni Sister

What's Inside

Module 1 : Getting Started

We Begin Within! Centering in on our intentions and core desired feelings, we start to make the S P A C E for doing the work. Envisioning what we want to create, how we want to feel, how we want to BE. Learn the key concepts that set the stage for building a lifelong foundation of sustainable self-care.

Module 2 : Earth

Earth walks us through our environment, physical body and ideal lifestyle. Identify what makes you feel grounded, safe, strong and calm. Re-committ to nurturing the seeds that feed your ideal life with the most impact... and pleasure!

Module 3 : Water

Water moves us into honoring our feelings, sensuality and creative impulses. Dive into the places that are calling for more attention and self-awareness. Reclaim the natural flow of life while deeply embracing your feminine nature... sensitive, sensual, sovereign.

Module 4 : Fire

Fire sparks our enthusiasm and fuels our passions. It also burns away all that is no longer serving or that which must transform. Tend your inner fire so it burns brightly and beautifully. Learn the importance of digestion, assimilation, and sunlight!

Module 5 : Air

Air swirls through our minds/body activating and renewing our awareness and imagination. Learn simple ways to master your mindset - not the other way around! Practice active listening and clearer communication. Keep an open mind and open heart use discernment to decide what right action to take and release the rest.

Module 6 : Ether

Space is the etherial that gives way to all that exists. Subtle and mysterious - Ether expands our awareness as we surrender to the Great Mystery. Learn to trust + receive . Tap into the spacious stillness that unleashes powerful insights... and feeds the wonder + brilliant mystery that you are. You are pure potentiality.

Module 7 : Coming Full Circle

In our last week, we weave the wisdom of the elements together... soaking in the journey we have made. Emerge with magical + practical potions you will always have in your medicine cabinet. The end is another beginning... an endless evolution of the beautiful wholeness that is you.

"Working with the elements is always rewarding on its own. And turning the light to how we can allow ourselves to be mindful and care for our own well being through the guide and care of the elements and Lily is pure magic."
~ ESC Alumni Sister

YES! I'm SO Ready!!!

Join The LIVE Group Program For Only $888

EARLY BIRD Pricing $777
...only available until June 17th! 

Program starts Sunday, June 23rd, 2019.

Creating an intimate container of sisterhood is important.

As a BONUS you will also receive TWO 75 minute one-on one coaching calls with me (valued at $500).

Are you ready to join us?

Don't miss out on this opportunity to invest in yourself, sweet sister!

***You will have continued access to the materials after the program finishes... so no worries if you don't have time for every part. Many women have said they enjoy revisiting the modules and get new insights each time.***

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