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This soulful self-care challenge is coming soon.

It's okay to make yourself priority #1.
In fact...
it's an essential part of living your best life!
Consciously caring for yourself is where this begins.

Join me + other beautiful souls for this FREE soulful self-care challenge... The Live Love ME Project.
I'm so proud to share this with you!

My holistic approach is designed to refocus you on your - body, mind + soul!

It can be overwhelming caring for yourself in our busy modern world of endless to-dos, must-haves and information overload...

You are so much more than a busy modern woman... you are an incredible being and you deserve to connect more fully to yourself everyday!

This heart-centered challenge is about less stress, feeling better and loving on YOU!
Let go of dead weight and make space to start feeling lighter, more vibrant and alive.

You will enjoy 24 days of soul filled messages that will speak to you + your inner goddess… all lovingly delivered right to your inbox!

My intention for this project is to help you expand your self-care practices, and to activate
a more natural rhythm of living + loving YOU!
For you, through you, within you.

I am here to support your journey.

You. Me. We. We are all in this together!

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Wonderful! I'm also giving you my Self-Care Manifesto...

Here's to more Live Love ME energy... start date to be announced! :)